Q1. Is ordering online secure?

Ans: To secure your information and to protect your privacy, desire leather uses only PayPal checkout that has 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Once receiving order via PayPal, it is decoded and processed successfully.


Q2. How does the payment work for Desireleather.com?

Ans: For your expedienc, desire leather accepts via Paypal checkout and accept major credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discoveryou’re your payments.


Q3. Can I make a modification after placing my order?

Ans: Modifications and changes can be made once your order is submitted. You can do this within one business day. Our automatic system is designed in a way that it fill orders and pass them to the tailors. Therefore, we won’t be able to cancel it after one business day.


Q4. Where can I search my ordered jacket’s information on the website?

Ans: You will receive your Order Confirmation via email telling the price, shipping charges (if any) and your confirmation number.


Q5. Do you ship the orders worldwide?

Ans: All orders are shipped worldwide except a few territories where there may be extra charges; our customers are so contented by our Free shipping policy through well known couriers like DHL or FedEx.


Q6. How does Desire Leather store’s pricing work?

Ans: To help you purchase leather jackets effortlessly and easily, we have color coded our mentioned prices on the content page. Prices in black are comparing at prices. The red mentioned are the available selling prices.


Q7. How long do you usually take to ship orders?

Ans: We use Expedited courier services and would take 10-12 business days to ship your order. See the Shipping policy for complete details.


Q8. Why do I need to register?

Ans: To assist you in a more better way in the future, you need to register initially in our database as a customer, which is for your safety.

Simply go to “Account Registration” on “My Account” page.


Q9. Where do you purchase your raw leather material?

Ans: We purchase our leather from the top ranking leather hide sellers which are agricultural by-product. After buying the Hides, we personally transform it into magnificent leather clothing and jackets. You can surely rely on our best quality.


Q10. How can I contact Desire Leather if I have further queries on future?

Ans: Contact our Customer Care Department at sales@desireleather.com or join our Live chat. All your questions will be answered promptly.

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